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Who we Are 

We are a group of designers and creative professionals from all corners of the world who share a passion for quality craftsmanship, environmental stewardship and social welfare for all. We came together in 2021 to build on that vision with a collection of fine clothing that stands in stark contrast to the fast-fashion, convenience culture that surrounds us. Our collaboration is made stronger by our diverse cultural backgrounds, perspectives, and skill sets, but more so by our shared humanity and commitment to living compassionately. You can be assured that every Mascielo garment represents a labor of love, an appreciation for nature, and an investment in the livelihood of the communities we work in.

What Inspires Us

The magnificent peaks, colors, and raw textures of the Andes mountain skyline. The gentle, whimsical curiosity of the alpaca. The innovative lines and geometry of Japanese origami, and the ethos and simplicity of Japanese zen minimalism. The crisp chill of the California ocean breeze. The timelessness of a cobblestone road in the alleys of Montmartre. The dynamism of modern architecture, from the functional abstractions found in Bauhaus buildings, to the hypnotic lines of V&A Dundee Museum. Nature, simply by virtue of what it represents. These are just some of the things we draw inspiration from.

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