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Although we plan to work with a variety of natural fibers as our work continues, we are thrilled to begin our journey with the wondrous and versatile alpaca.

Simultaneously soft and strong, we source 100% of our alpaca fiber safely and with minimal discomfort to these exceptional, exotic, cute, cuddly creatures that we’ve absolutely fallen in love with, utilizing a hygienic, efficient shearing method in line with government standards.

For thousands of years, alpacas have roamed free across the Andes Mountains, acting as an independent friend and trusted companion to the Andean people. Shearing the alpacas is an age-old, environmentally friendly custom that generates wool products without negatively impacting the animals’ growth, behavior, or lifespan. As such, this fiber is a renewable resource that preserves the atmosphere and protects the planet.  

When you buy alpaca wool products, you support the socioeconomic development of rural regions in South America, including Peru. The alpaca is the lifeblood of many of these communities and has been for centuries, bringing families and neighbors together in a shared effort to raise alpaca herds, shear their wool and spin the yarn that eventually becomes alpaca clothing. This provides significant and necessary economic support to these communities annually. Beyond that, alpaca wool is highly sustainable. The alpaca eats a minimal, native plant-based diet, and thus their care and management has a much smaller footprint than that of similar grazing animals.

With safety, style, and sustainability top of mind, we’ve laid out the incomparable qualities that make this light, warm, ancient wool work wonders for the modern capsule wardrobe.

Sustainable. The wool from just 1 alpaca can produce 4 sweaters, whereas it would require shearing four goats or sheep to produce 1 cashmere sweater.


Strong, yet soft. Alpaca wool is as soft as cashmere, yet incredibly durable. It will not lose its shape or break easily.


Warm, yet breathable. With an insulating capacity three times that of sheep’s wool, alpaca fiber works wonders in the winter, but because it is lightweight and breathable, can also be worn year-round! 


Hypoallergenic. Unlike sheep’s wool, alpaca does not contain lanolin, which is a common cause of allergic reactions.

Simply beautiful. Alpaca fleece spans 22 calming colors including white, beige, gray, brown, and black, making dyeing unnecessary in many cases. When we do dye the fiber, we utilize natural dyes, then tailor the fleece into fascinating fashion pieces like sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves, and more.


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